LAN @ Red Bull Itemania 2018

30.11.2018 - 02.12.2018
Verkehrshaus der Schweiz

Register for LAN


With the participation at the event the participant accepts the general terms and conditions (GTC).

The GTC can change without further notice. Changes will be updated on the official event website.


There will be no refund for bought tickets. In case of illness or other unforeseen events we do not grant a right for refund.

In case of cancellation of the event it will be postponed to a later date. Tickets will not be refunded but will be valid for the new date.

Any problems on LAN, as for example network problems, do not grant the right to a refund.

Changes in the program, for example the stage program, do not grant the right to a refund.


Minimum age for a LAN-participation is 14 years. Participants below the age of 18 are obliged to fill in the following form, let it sign by parents or legal guardians and bring it to the event. FORM

The public area of the event has no age limit. However there will be shows of games or other content, which, according to recommendations, may not be suitable for all ages.

Throughout the LAN party the event organizers are entitled to ask for identification of each participant. As identification only official identity cards (ID card, passport, driving license, etc.) will be accepted as valid.

Tournament prizes

Tournament prizes will be given away at the award ceremony. If the winner is not present they forfeit their right to the prizes.


The event organizers do not take any responsibility for the performance of artists and speakers or any other entertainment at the Herofest.

The event organizers reserve the right to change the stage program without further notice.

Photo and video

The event organizers have the right to take photos and videos, edit them and distribute them commercially for any purpose or in any form.


A participant intending to bring a clan transparent or to set up roll-ups or similar installations has to announce this to the event organizers at least two weeks before the event. The request must provide information about the size, appearance and number of installations. Based on this data, the organizers will decide if the installations will be approved at the event. Without a confirmation of the event organizers no installations may be installed.

Unauthorized devices

Operation of generally disturbing equipment, particularly speakers or subwoofers is prohibited.

The operation of electrical equipment, with the exception of computers, including but not limited to toasters, kettles, refrigerators, coffee machines, etc. is prohibited.

Files and software on PCs

The event organizers are not liable to prosecution for the content of computers of the participants. Each participant is personally responsible for his data. The use and possession of unlicensed software is prohibited; the Swiss law is in action at the event.

Protection of PCs

Each participant is responsible for the protection of his computer on the network against viruses, spyware, etc. It is recommended to have an up-to-date antivirus program and firewall installed.


The event organizers assume no liability for any direct, indirect or consequential damage of any kind and cause (for example, thefts of any kind, defects in materials, or consequential damages in power failure).

Participants and visitors are to have sufficient accident and liability insurance.

Each participant and visitor adheres to himself for damages caused at the location.

Behavior in general

Participants must behave decently.

Verbal or written statements (for example on shirts or on transparents) which are vulgar, racist, sexist or discriminatory in other ways, are not allowed.

Participants must follow the instructions of the event organizers, the event crew and other authorities such as the police or security.

Behavior inside the network

Activities that are affecting the quality of the network and the Internet connection are not allowed.

Spreading viruses, spyware, etc. is prohibited, even if they are spread unintentionally or against the better judgment of the participant responsible.

Hacking, the interception of login information etc. is prohibited.

Night’s rest

Outside of the location after 10 pm all participants must remain silent.

In the bedrooms, all participants must remain silent.


Participants are responsible that their seat and the area around it are clean. Participants must dispose of their waste independently in the marked container for PET, aluminum and glass.


Alcohol is to be consumed according to common sense. For consumption and sale of alcohol the Swiss laws apply.

Smoking inside of the buildings is prohibited.

Any consumption of illegal drugs is prohibited.


In case of failure to comply with the above rules, the event organizers can punish the participant.

Penalties range from a warning to disqualification from the event. In case of exclusion the right to a refund is void. In serious cases, the organizers reserve the right to take legal action against these individuals.

The event organizers may relegate participants from the event, without specifying reasons.


The organizers have the right to adapt the seating plan in order to fill up the event as efficient as possible. Reserving a seat does not grant the participant the right to effectively receive the reserved seat.