LAN @ Red Bull Itemania 2018

30.11.2018 - 02.12.2018
Verkehrshaus der Schweiz

Register for LAN
Eventname: LAN-Party Red Bull Itemania 2018
Amount of Seats: 168 Seats
Door opening: Friday, 30. November 2018 16:00
Closing: Monday, 03. December 2018 23:00
Signup start: Monday, 08. October 2018 20:00
Seat Reservations: Thursday, 08. November 2018 20:00
Basic Ticket Price: Please pay the entry fee of 55 CHF to the following address below. As soon as we have received the payment, we will activate your account for the event and you will receive an e-mail. After you have been activated, you can choose a seat.
Min. Age: 16
Location: Verkehrshaus Luzern

Lidostrasse 5
6006 Luzern
Requirements: B.Y.O.C (Bring your own computer) - participants take their own computer and equipment to play video games together as well as the necessary equipment, such as keyboard, mouse and headset. By your table (160cm x 80cm for 2 participants) you will find a LAN wire and a power strip with three Swiss sockets for each participant.
Tournaments: Price pool: 1750.- CHF
Main Tournament:
Summoners Rift, 5vs5, Tournament Mode

Side Tournaments:
Potential modes that will be played:

Summoners Rift
- 5v5, Tournament Mode
- 5v5, Ultimate Bravery
Howling Abyss
- 5v5, ARAM Tournament
- 1v1, Mirror Match
- 1v1, All Pick
Twisted Treeline
- 3v3, All Pick
Network: 1Gb/s per User
Additional Info: All participants of the Red Bull Itemania LAN will have free access to the Red Bull Itemania Live-Event in the IMAX cinema in the Verkehrshaus itself as well as to the afterpartry after the main event.